Downsview Park Merchants Market

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Saturday 10-6

Sunday 10-6

Lots Of Free Parking 

Are you looking for a flea market that offers endless shopping, an International food court, and farmers market all under one roof? Downsview Park Merchants Market is that place for you with over 500 friendly vendors, offering unique merchandise from around the world. Looking for a place to start your own business? Call or email us today and inquire about our affordable monthly rates. Spaces limited.

Exciting News

The subway in front of Downsview Park Merchants Market is now open and in full operation.

Bring the family to shop, have a delicious meal in the food court, and enjoy the unforgettable experience that Downsview Merchants Market has to offer!

Our indoor farmers market offers 10,000 sq. ft. of grocery space serving only the freshest fruits and vegetables in Ontario. Our prices are unbeatable, and our customers are always satisfied knowing they got a great deal.



Our market offers great deals in consumer electronics, home furnishing, fashion clothing, health/beauty products, automotive parts/accessories, jewelry, cosmetics, house ware, toys, carpets/rugs, colognes/perfumes, antiques, cookware, lighting, sports collectibles, and so much more.   

Our international food court offers diverse foods from around the world. There are Jamaican, Chinese, Colombian, Mediterranean, Dominican, Peruvian, Mexican, Ecuadorian, Italian, Indian, Pakistani, Afghani, and Canadian cuisines.    




Fashion Clothing

Home Furnishing


Downsview food court is a trip

Toronto's best food court is a chain-free zone that's packed with Afghani, Mexican, Vietnamese, Dominican, Italian, Filipino, Caribbean, Lebanese, Salvadoran and Chinese cooks valiantly trying to break into the restaurant business.

So why isn't the food court at Downsview Park Merchant's Market known to all who love to eat?

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